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May 19, 2019

A couple of years ago these newsletters began with a quote; some are worth repeating. Hope this one will encourage arrival of the warm spring we yearn for.
    The spring came suddenly, bursting upon the world as a child bursts into a room, with a laugh and a shout and hands full of flowers.  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
SUNDAY, MAY 19 5th Sunday after Easter, Lay Minister Elizabeth Lally
Greeter:  Ann Rafferty
Liturgist:  Debbi Hitchings
Deacon on Call:   Gail Palmer
Ushers:  Jean Forest, Doug Woodbury, Ann Bex, Ann Rafferty
Coffee Hour Team #12: John & Jinx Hufnagel, Craig & Mary Wells, Janet Kelsey,Ann Smart, Nan Haid
Altar Flowers from Rich Stuart "In loving memory of my brother, Doug Stuart,who passed away April 29, 2019"  
Last week in Sunday School we talked about world communion and the Good Shepherd.  The model had the shepherd leading the sheep to the good grass.  They leave the sheepfold and walk behind the shepherd to the good grass. The story talks about how the shepherd knows each one by name and they they know the sound of his voice.  They walk over to a second green circle that has a table in the center.  They are equally spaced about the table.  A cup and plate for bread are brought out and the last supper is discussed. Then the Good Shepherd is replaced with a minister in robes and the story tells of how many come to the table…….people of all different races are presented and placed around the table and finally…..the children also come.  There were not a lot of words with this lesson but the message was clear. All are welcome.
Ute will be on vacation in Germany May 16-31, returning for the June 2 service
Pastoral Care will be provided by Rev. Abby Pettee, Interfaith Chaplain at Pen Bay Medical Center.  She can be reached at 207-921-8546.
May 19 Worship:  Lay Minister Elizabeth Lally
May 26 Worship:  Guest Minister Rev. John Potter 
Choral Bells is back to needing another ringer (or two or three!) …...If you think there's any chance you might enjoy ringing, please chat with Matt! Full-time participation wouldn't be required until September.  We’re happy to get you acclimated before then. (*Ability to read music helps but is NOT  necessary to be a successful ringer!)   
We have not let the weather dampen our spirits here at Heavenly Threads Thrift Shop!
We are getting ready for Memorial Day picnics & bar-b-ques.
Stop by to see our supplies and red,white & blue decorations!
We are open Monday-Saturday 10-4  

 All those involved in the last successful Soup Lunch season are invited to a wrap-up meeting to plan for next year. Soup, bread and dessert will be served! Bring your ideas and input about how soup lunch went this year and what improvements we might be able to make as we look to the fall.
Sunday, June 2  8:30 am*Orientation meeting prior to Worship
Sunday, June 9 10:30 am*Orientation meeting after service, during Fellowship
Sunday, June 16 930 am New Members Received during Worship              
* Only one meeting is needed
New photo directory to be produced this year! We will be assembling a new photo directory this summer, and all church families are invited to participate by signing up for a free photography session at the church, scheduled for June 7 and June 8. The church has engaged Lifetouch professional photographers for this project. The photography sessions will take place over two days in June: Friday, June 7, from 2 to 9 pm; and Saturday, June 8, from 10 am to 5 pm. You may sign up for a photography session in one of three ways:
1) book your session directly via this link: (this link can also be found in the upper right corner of the church website,;
2) call Lifetouch directly at 1-866-756-0281, Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm; or
3) sign up when schedule circulated during fellowship time
Midcoast Community Chorus Chorale and Maine Balkan Choir

  New study session on The Challenge of Jesus 
  Tuesday, June 11 from 5-7 pm  Pilgrim Room 
Please join us as we explore the historical context for the meaning of the Ascension and of diverse interpretations of God’s "great clean-up” of the world. Is the imagination reflected in the Book of Revelation faithful to Jesus’ Gospel or an unintended betrayal of what he preached and lived? A signup sheet can be found on the Opportunities Table. All are welcome. 
This Coming Week at First Congregational Church         
 New paintings by Kathryn Oliver in the Sanctuary from Easter through Pentecost       Sunday, May 19      Fifth Sunday after Easter                                                     
8:45 am Sunday Schoo; l9:30 am Worship: Lay Minister Elizabeth Lally 
Monday, May 20 10:15 am Zumba  
Tuesday, May 21 1:30 pm Meditation, Sanctuary
Wednesday, May 22 9:30 am Staff Meeting; NOON Soup Lunch Wrap-up Meeting; 6:00 pm Choral Bells; 7:00 pm Sanctuary Choir    
Thursday, May 23 9:00 am Xi Gong; 10:30 am Zumba; Noon Prayer Shawl knitters/crocheters
Friday, May 24 9:00 am JUNE Beacon deadline 
Sunday, May 26 Sixth Sunday after Easter
8:45 am Sunday School; 9:30 am Worship: Guest Minister Rev. John Potter        

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