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Adult Education and Formation
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As an "Open and Affirming” church committed to embodying the Gospel in our lives, as individuals and as a community, we value opportunities to inquire and deepen our faith and commitment to serve God and others. Our program in Adult Education and Formation is one means of supporting this work. We explore our faith through an array of offerings, including classes, retreats, and service projects. Some of these are seasonal (e.g., series offered during Advent and Lent), others occur at regular intervals during the seasons of the year. Some of these occur within the church, but our church "happens” in other gatherings in homes and various outdoor services (the annual Easter Sunrise service and, in August, 2019, a Sunday morning service in Merryspring Park). The women of our church host an annual Women’s Retreat in the Fall, and the church as a whole offers other "day” retreats during the year.

"Living Grace” is the core theme for this year’s programs, structuring many of our activities and events during the course of the year. In such ways, we explore how we understand and practice the gift of grace as expressing divine impulses—i.e., the sustaining and renewing energy of love and "just peace”—in our lives, as individuals, as a community of faith, and in global perspective. Classes offered by members of the professional staff as well as lay people, meant to challenge and deepen our faith as well as strengthen our witness, will be augmented by special events throughout the year, including guest speakers, retreats, and other activities. As a community with a strong core of active older adults, offerings related to health and wholeness augment offerings in other areas.

All courses will be offered via Zoom; pre-registration is therefore required so that participants can be given a link to join the groups. To register, please contact Becky Brace at the church office (236-4821). Note that some courses have limited enrollment; registration in such cases will be on a first-come-first-served basis. All courses are offered without cost to participants.

Faith and Public Issues: Elections 2020

Faith and Public Issues. Beginning in late September, the "Faith and Public Issues” forum resumes its work, offering a six-week program for those interested in exploring the upcoming elections through the lens of our faith. Each week we will be highlighting an online resource (generally, short videos on related topics) and, for those interested in conversation about them, a moderated discussion led by Roy Hitchings and Mark Burrows.

Many church members and friends have asked, "What could we do to educate ourselves about some of the key issues in this very important election?” "How can we advocate for what we believe?” "What does our faith say about this?” The Faith and Public Issues task force got approval from the cabinet on 8/25 to address this issue. Beginning in mid-September we will be posting relevant information in the Beacon, in "This Week at Church” emails and through our website to help educate and discuss issues including: where do our candidates stand? key policy issues at stake in the upcoming election; effective advocacy; and how to ensure everyone can vote.

The national UCC has an impressive and informational website called "Our Faith Our Vote”. They have taken some strong stands such as: "Faith is focused on hope and built on a foundation of action”; "As Christians, we serve the poor, feed the hungry and stand with the oppressed”; we must "raise our voices and vote.” They also clearly state that active involvement in these important issues and the political process, while simultaneously staying non-partisan, is a legitimate and needed expression of our faith. We respect that each of us may approach the topic of politics and faith differently. Please view this as an invitation to discuss how we, in the spirit of our UCC values, might engage our faith in an impactful public life.

Election Day Tuesday Nov. 3

League of Women Voters Midcoast
2020 Voter Guide

Download PDF

White Privilege: Let’s Talk

This 6-week course will be led by Ute Molitor and Mimi Benedict, with excellent video and written materials produced by black and white leaders of our denomination. Full details are on our Racial Justice page.

Our Church’s Racial Justice Efforts Highlighted in National UCC Article

Read More

Book Discussion

Mimi Edmunds and Deborah Cautela are offering to host a discussion group in October on the Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison’s book Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination. Those interested should contact Deborah at

Church History Course

A Church History Course led by Prof. Mark S. Burrows, entitled A Short History of Christianity to the Protestant Reformation: The story of the Church’s emergence and development into a global institution. This six-week online course will run after church on Sunday mornings from 11am to noon, on Zoom. We will explore key dynamics operative in the development of Christianity as a dominant force—for good and ill—in the Eurasian context. This course is designed for those with little or no familiarity with this story. We will begin by considering how a loosely organized "Jesus movement” took on a form that would quickly expand around the Mediterranean, across Europe and the hinterlands of central Asia, eventually establishing itself as a world religion. How this unexpected and unlikely development happened is the focus of this course.

Session #1 November 8

Origins. The unlikely story of how an institutional church emerged from the early "Jesus movement”

Zoom Video Link

Session #2 November 15

Founding Fathers—and Mothers. Martyrs, monks, and mystics

Zoom Video Link

Session #3 November 22

Hierarchies of Order. Patriarchy, women and a feminine spirituality

Zoom Video Link

Session #4 January 10

Defending Orthodoxy. Schools, universities, and other novelties

Zoom Video Link

Session #5 January 17

Eclipsing the Middle Ages. Humanism, Gutenberg, and colonialism

Zoom Video Link

Session #6 January 31

The Age of Reformations. Theological strife, Christianization, and modernity

Zoom Video Link

Mark Burrows earned his Ph.D. in the History of Christianity, and is well-known for his research and publications in historical theology and spirituality. His work explores various facets of this broad and complex narrative, focusing above all on developments in the European Middle Ages. For further information:

Plans in the Works

Fireside Book Discussion with Mimi and Skip. Join an informal exploration in late November (date to be announced) to explore Brian McLaren’s new book The Great Spiritual Migration: How the World's Largest Religion Is Seeking a Better Way to Be Christian.

Date and time TBA.

Book Group exploring author Meggan Watterson’s Mary Magdalene Revealed: An exploration of the ‘first apostle’, her feminist gospel, and the Christianity we haven’t tried yet. Led by Deborah Cautela as a four-week offering in winter, 2021.

Specific details about programs, events, and offerings are to be found on the church’s website calendar and in the "Latest News” sidebar on the homepage.

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