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Faith and Public Issues: Climate Change.

The Faith and Public Issues Task Force has announced a free public forum on Climate Change for Thursday, May 11, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m, in our Pilgrim Room.

The forum is the second in a series on current issues confronting our faith and society. The first forum in the series, entitled Refugees, Immigration, and Sanctuary, was held in March. The third forum, on Health Care Access, is set for June 15, from 7-9:00pm. The Climate Change Forum is being organized by Bruce Cole, John Hufnagel, Marcia Dietrich, and Eric Charlton, who identify the event's purpose as an examination and discussion of what our faith calls upon us to do as stewards of the earth when science is showing us the impact that our behavior and policies have had on our environment, contributing to climate change. Two speakers will address the topic. Following the presentations, about one hour will be devoted to a discussion open to all.

Bruce Cole, president of McNabb Marketing Resources, will offer a presentation called "Confessions of a Heavy Fossil Fuel User," outlining his own efforts over several years to reduce the carbon footprint of his family's household in Rockport.

The second speaker will be Dylan Voorhees, Climate and Clean Energy Director at the Natural Resources Council of Maine. He will talk about what the NRCM is doing to address climate change, what is happening in state government in climate matters, and, particularly, how citizens can work to help reduce the impact of climate change through their own actions and through efforts to influence our local, state, and federal governments.

"With this forum, we want to promote an understanding of the impact of human activity on climate change and how climate change affects the stability of our future," says Bruce Cole. "We will look at the actions that people can take personally to help address the problem. An important goal is to promote, through stewardship, the use of clean, sustainable energy to reduce the impact of climate change. We will emphasize the role that we, as citizens and people of faith, can play in influencing government at every level to recognize climate-change science and to develop policies to lower the use of fossil fuels."

Questions may be directed to Bruce Cole at or 207-691-489.

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