First Congregational Church

Camden, Maine

This year's Sunday School is off with a bang!

Hooray! The younger kids in preschool through 3rd grade have started "In the beginning" with the story of Creation and are learning verses from Genesis. Terri has our group in 4th-6th grade talking about the Tabernacle, church, and the places that we worship in as a community.  She is asking them questions like: "Why are we here?" "What does this Sunday School space do for us that we don't find elsewhere during the week with friends, school and family?" These are great questions for our kids as they start to make decisions for themselves and think about what it means to them to be a Christian and a part of a church. 
As we forge ahead into fall we hope to come together as a community over a meal and strengthen our ties to one another through fellowship.  There will be big shoes to fill when our marvelous music director Steve Weston departs, but he has given us a great foundation to work with and our youth have greatly benefited from his instruction these years. We will begin to form our plans to incorporate our junior choir into some of our services this year and expect to start working with our bells as well.
If you would like to help with either of these activities, please let me know and we will be sure to find a way for you to get involved.    And keep those handshakes coming! It was great to see the enthusiastic kids shaking up a storm on Sunday and those who were not so sure about this new practice. Transitions take time and I am guessing that we will have veteran peace passers by November.

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