First Congregational Church

Camden, Maine

Transition News Update

After a brief hiatus over the summer the Transition team is back at work with an exciting agenda to share with you all.
Recently the UCC has made changes to the Local Church Profile template which is the document we will develop and use to seek a new settled pastor. While we have gathered a lot of information from you already we cordially invite you to join us for a series of discussions on the questions listed below. These questions are all taken from the UCC template. In this way you will have direct input into the development of the congregational profile.
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25: Opening ourselves to God in prayer and reflection, what do we think is God’s vision for this congregation?
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16: How does our congregation express its faith?
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30: What ministry and mission goals do you envision our next minister working with the congregation to achieve?
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13: How will your vision of the minister we are now seeking assist the congregation in making an impact beyond its walls?
It’s exciting to see that, through these discussions we are moving more deeply into the core of church as an institution.  Numbers 1 and 2 ask us to describe the faith we share and the ways we express and utilize it in worship and in service. Numbers 3 and 4 look at how we see worship and service shifting/strengthening/evolving based on the changing culture in which our faith exists, and, as a result, how our partnership with our new minister needs to be shaped.  After solid preparatory work on the "outer rings”, i.e. why we attend, what attracted us initially, why we stay, etc., we’re now getting to the core of the beliefs and understandings that bring us to this work in the first place.  Really exciting to be getting here.
You may also recall the 45 question Leadership Expectation survey that came from the former congregational profile template. We have compiled that information and we’ll be sharing that with you as well. That information is directly relevant to questions 3 and 4.
Please make it a priority join us for these meetings. Child care will be provided.
If you are unable to join but would like to provide feedback please feel free to contact any member of the Transition Team or Greg Worden at: or (207) 542-7691.
For additional information on the transition process please go to the TRANSITION page on the website by clicking here.
Transition Team members: Greg Worden, Sally Fernald, Terri MacKenzie, Debbi Hitchings, Roy Hitchings, Charlene Orne, Mary Kay Felton, Lucy Goulet, Susan Hopkins, John Hufnagel, Betty Bates, Vicki Fletcher

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