First Congregational Church

Camden, Maine

An open and affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ


There is a vibrant gathering of children every Sunday at our church. We welcome your children in the service.  We don’t mind baby coos or fussing, really! We also have a nursery downstairs for babies up through age 3. Parents may drop their children off prior to the start of the service or any time during the worship service.

A Talk with the Children occurs early in the service and the children are invited to come forward to sit in the front pews and listen to a talk prepared especially for them. After the talk, they will return to sit with you.

Our Sunday school meets downstairs prior to the worship service from 8:45 until 9:30.  We use a Montessori based Christian education program for children in Pre-K-4th grade called Godly Play.  The lessons are set up to more easily internalize the four functions of the language system emphasized in Godly Play: Sacred Stories, Parables, Liturgical Action, and Contemplative Silence. It is a spiral curriculum that will strengthen each child’s understanding of the stories of the bible, while also giving them the classical Christian language system to root them deeply in the Tradition. There are six objectives for Godly Play:
· It models how to wonder
· Shows children how to create meaning with wondering questions

· It invites children to choose their own work
· It organizes the mentoring time around the deep structure of Christian  worship
· It supports the community of children by respecting and challenging them to participate constructively
· It clarifies the whole Christian language system by organization of the teaching materials
We also have a class for 5th-9th graders that meets at the same time in the conference room. This class seeks to expand their understanding in a wide array of topics related to scripture, spirituality, doctrine, and church life. Equally important, the class provides guidance as they wrestle with their questions about faith and seek to discern its role in their lives. There are several field trips planned this year to visit local faith communities.

For those children under 3 we have a nursery. Parents are welcome to have their children with them in the service or to bring their children to the nursery prior to the start of church or at any time during the service. There are a variety of toys, books and a very caring volunteer to care for your child.
Our teachers are a very creative group with a great commitment to their faith and our children.  We welcome you to join our church family.

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Nursery and child care are available. Children are dismissed for Church school during the service.
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